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APIS Health Angel Conference

An Accelerator Program for Angel Investing.

Investors learn methodology, tools and due diligence components and then complete an investment.
Companies get more focused on how to prepare for
due diligence and an investment.
- more informed due diligence;
- a health startup investment;
- a framework for further angel investing;
- stronger health startups.

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We aim for at least 50 participating startup companies to engage in the process. This includes a workshop series, and then an "American Idol" process of evaluation where we select 24 Quarter Finalists, 12 Semifinalists and 6 Finalists.



With the Angel Conference process, we gather 40 investors. We aim for half of them (20) to be brand new investors and the other half experienced.
We create a fund of $200K which we then select where it will be invested.

Typically there are 2 or 3 sidecar deals that also get funded.


Month Program

The program has two sections

3 Months of workshops
Starting in September

3 months of Investor meetings, company pitches and due diligence starting in January

It all comes together in a final public event where we select the company for the fund investment.

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Creating New Health Focused Angel Investors

This program helps Angel Investors get perspective on Health Startup Investing by learning by doing a group investment.

If you are interested in the Investor process, complete this Investor interest form

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Growing Stronger Startups

Understanding your product market fit; multiple customers; reimbursement and revenue cycles and regulatory strategy is essential. This program helps startups get more focused and become more investable. At least one will get an investment out of this program.

If you are interested in participating as a presenting company, complete this Startup Interest form

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Program consists of Investor Education and Due Diligence

Step 1 - Methodology and Skill Building
Step 2 - Startup Analysis
Step 3 - Portfolio Development
Step 4 - Investment

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Learning the basics of Angel Investing

The Angel Conference process creates an opportunity for early stage startups to connect with, and learn from, early stage investors who are exploring Angel Investing. It is a learn by doing program, with lots of opportunity for everyone who participates.

Virtual Health Angel Investing Conferences

Join us virtually until it is appropriate for more in-person events.

Networking has no physical boundaries.
Carry the conversations over a variety of social platforms.
A combination of synchronous and asynchronous events match your learning needs and time schedules.

Learn how to Angel Invest

This learning experience will help you identify
what makes a GOOD COMPANY,
progressing to identifying what makes a GOOD INVESTMENT, 
and creating and evolving your own INVESTMENT THESIS.

Create your own investment toolbox.

Learn the  industry and identify where the company's proposed solution fits.
Determine how to select appropriate stage companies.

Evaluate the company progress for
- product/service/technology;
- founder and team;
- revenue potential;
- company valuation.

Structure a deal.

Refine your Investment Thesis.


Learn about being an LLC Organizer

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Learning Opportunity

Join us in this multi-factorial learning opportunity

Workshops with experienced sector experts push your understanding of challenges the health industry faces.

Solutions experts help you evaluate company offerings.

Investor experts identify what makes a good investment.

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Expanding Your Health Investment Network

Learn with experienced and novice investors.

Connect with other angel networks.

Become exposed to a variety of investment practices.

Learn more about the Venture Capital companies
investing in the health sector.

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Have questions? 
We have answers for your questions

You may have questions and we are ready to answer them.
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Initial Team and Speakers

As we pull together our first APIS Health Angels Conference, we are building a team for a great program.

We combine workshops for investors and companies. Both evolve together.

Preliminary Workshop Timing

Each conference begins with similar structure to help guide the process of education and due diligence for each angel investment conference. Join us on Meetup for more information.

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What is an Angel Conference?

Apis Health Angels believes that learning to be a Health Angel Investor is the same as being a health professional or entrepreneur. It takes time and education. This is not accomplished in a lecture series, but rather in a hands on analytical review and dialogue. It takes challenges from your peers to understand why you are thinking this way! We do this in a Conference that consists of workshops, interactive dialogue, group decision making and a final Demo Day competition.

Join as an Investor or apply as a company for free workshops

Engage early with the workshops to learn about the Angel Investing and Fundraising processes.
This is the first step on the road for the:

Investor building a Health Angel Portfolio.

Startup becoming part of someone's great portfolio

Company & Investor Deadline December 1, 2021

Final Event March 24, 2022

Health Investment Workshops

From beginners to experts something new can be learned.

Featured Workshops

Successful Business Models in the Medical Device Industry

As a founder, your choice of business model has a profound effect on your requirements for capital and other resources.  As an investor, the choice of business model has a profound effect on the timing of an exit and the eventual valuation.  


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Who Influences Health Solution Adoption

In health care there are many players. Someone orders the drugs, or, the tests; another group pays for it; someone else sets the data privacy rules; and another group determines if they will pay for it. Understand who they are.

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Improving the Design Process


Scott Thielman

Coming up with the product idea is one thing. Then comes the harder work.

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Where are the Innovation Opportunities in Health?


What problems need to be solved in health? Where is disruption really required?

Learn more

The FDA is Kind of a Big Deal


Ti Benson

Innovating in the health sector requires an understanding of FDA Submission Types, Costs and Timeframes – Which is Right for You?

Learn more

Assessing the Value of Healthcare Solutions and the Role of ROI


Craig Solid

It is important for companies and investors to understand the value of healthcare solutions and how to evaluate the return on investment (ROI).  

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Confidence that this model of investment works!

These are unsolicited testimonials from Angel Investors and Startups.

Lukas-Karim Merhi --BIT/TENZR

"SAC mentorship and diligence helped refine BIT/TENZR company strategy and introduced us to the PNW investment ecosystem.  Not only did their due diligence process and report accelerate securing additional funding from other notable Angel groups but played a key role in supporting our US expansion plans."

Elaine Werfelli: Investor
Data Deity, Entrepreneur

"I have been participating in the Seattle Angel Conference since SAC VII and I always learn something new, advance my investing thesis, get introductions to many new local start-ups, diversify my portfolio and meet new Angel colleagues... and have a fun time doing it!  If you are interested in learning more about Angel Investing, come check out SAC and if you are an entrepreneur seeking funding, we are interested in hearing more about your startup!"

Jay Beavers: Investor
Fund Manager

"Investing through Seattle Angel Conference was one of the better decisions of my life.  As a prospective entrepreneur coming from an engineering background, the investment world perplexed me.  I didn't understand company valuations or market potentials and this hampered my ability to succeed in my own startups.  I threw myself into SAC, due diligence, and fund management and after participating in three investment rounds, I've gone from absolutely mystified to just slightly incompetent in the financial side of startups and investing.  Thumbs up, would do again!"

Alex Alviar - Investor

“I love working with such a diverse and talented group of people. We make better decisions together."

Chelsea Carter - Investor, Fund Manager

I've was fortunate to find SAC early on as I learned about investing.  SAC provides some of the most comprehensive "learning by doing" opportunity I have seen, in addition to the group having the support of active investors in the larger investing community in Seattle.  It is without a doubt the best way I have found to gain a lot of knowledge and experience quickly (though one can never stop learning about this space!) and meet many people who want to grow the investing community in Seattle.  Sure, one could easily join a syndicate - but you don't get the same focused discussions or experience digging into early stage companies that SAC provides.

Elliot Fischer - Curi Bio

"Glad to hear you're planning on expanding the Seattle angel community by launching a new forum for angel investment - we (Curi Bio) had a great experience with the Seattle Angel Conference, thanks in large part to John."

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